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Title: smash!! -LIVE BEST ver- Artist: ギルガメッシュ 116 reproducciones


ギルガメッシュ / smash!! -LIVE BEST ver-

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Girugamesh - Future -LIVE BEST ver-

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girugamesh’s New Look

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"We are back here because we won"

DT: At first, we would like to thank you for this opportunity! How are you feeling today?
Satoshi: Can’t stop sneezing because I have hay fever.
Nii: I’m feeling super happy!! Drinking good alcohol!!
ShuU: Same as usual, being my natural self.
Яyo: I have a hangover.

DT: So let’s begin! After you took a break of about 3 years, you are now back with a huge hit. Did you need this break to produce this album?
Nii: The break was my precious time that I could reflect on oneself and also the band.
ShuU: That was not only the band’s but also my personal watershed moment in my life and I think I really need that break on hindsight.
Яyo: It was time for a rethink about everything.

DT: Would you say you all have changed personally or music-wise in this time?
Satoshi: After we commemorated our 10 years anniversary, my attitude toward music has changed. It gets stronger than before.
Nii: Our basic heavy sound didn’t change, but we just dug it a little deeper.
ShuU: I could view ourselves from the third person more than before. I felt the magnitude of music and importance of the band members. There is an enormous power when we perform as a band.
Яyo: The way I think of the band has changed. Musically, I studied more.

DT: What was the reason for you to return to producing music?
ShuU: Well, all of us were working on the music all of the time. That break was just a sufficient preparation period for lining up good new songs and becoming eager to have gigs, instead of setting album release date and tour date first.
Яyo: The reason why I produced music is because I had so many music ideas that I wanted to create without any concern for the record label. All my worries were gone and I could make the songs that I really think it’s cool.

DT: Was there a moment in this break where you completely distanced yourself from music or did the music stay always with you
Satoshi: I was always with music. I tried to develop techniques for writing lyrics and singing.
Nii: I dedicated efforts to making music that we really wanted to play.
Яyo: I was always with music too. I have never had a day where I didn’t touch instruments.

DT: Did you miss the feelings, the emotions the fans gave to you at concerts?Satoshi: Without having gigs, I can’t get energy to live from our fans so the break was a kind of a hellish period.
Nii: I could hardly wait to tell our fans how we are feeling at that moment.
Яyo: I really wanted to show newly-born and grown girugamesh and I didn’t want to go on the stage in a half-finished state. When we had a show after a long interval, I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.

DT: Let’s talk about your newest release „Monster“. Many say that you’ve started to walk a new path musically, but that you also stay on familiar paths. What do you think of this?
Nii: Well, the heavy sound never changes within ourselves. Also our first impulse to feel like “we want to play this music now!” is always the same.
Яyo: Our basic never changes. We just dug our music deeper and delicately.

DT: Was the reason of this album to describe your new path after the break?
Nii: Personally it was not like that pretentious, I just wanted to express ourselves by these songs.
Яyo: I just expressed girugamesh in newly acquired method.

DT: Did you fight your inner „Monster“ while producing this album and were you victorious?
Satoshi: We are back here because we won.
Nii: I was wrestling every day!! lol
Яyo: Victory!!!!

DT: After „Go“ „Monster“ gives more of a rock feeling again. Did you return to your old style on purpose?
Nii: I don’t feel like “return”, it was natural to be like that. Next album will be cool and aggressive sound!!
Яyo: The type of “heavy” is little bit different than our old way. This time we imported an element of Metalcore.

DT: How would you describe „Monster“ in 3 words?
Satoshi: Depression, Surging, Rebellion
Nii: Suffering, Murderous, DecisionShuU: Labyrinth, Preparation, ChargeЯyo: Attack, Attack, Attach

DT: Your fans in Europe were very happy that this album was released in Europe very short after the release in Japan. Did you include your foreign fans while choosing the release dates
Satoshi: Yes. We wanted to bring this CD to the European fans as early as possible because the Europe tour had already confirmed. Listen to the album a lot before you come see our show!

DT: Where was your focus while producing this album?
Nii: The expression and music that we really wanted to do now.
Яyo: Squashing up the things we really wanted to do.

DT: Was there anything you wanted to change compared to your old procedure?
Яyo: Organizing music notes.

DT: Would you say that this album contains a song that describes each member the best?
ShuU: No there is no particular song, but all of the songs are packed with our feelings.

DT: The cover shows a natural background with you in the focus. How did you get the idea of doing a cover like that?
Satoshi: MONSTER = savage animals live in forest and jungle so I came up with this idea.

DT: In which way does this cover refer to the contents of the album? Are there any similarities between the artwork and the fans expectations?
Satoshi: The music that sounds like MONSTER.

DT: Who got the idea for the cover artwork?
All: Satoshi.

DT: Let’s move on to the more general topics. The first third of 2014 is already finished. What did you do in this time?
Satoshi: I was making our best album and getting ready for the tour.
Nii: Making music every day.
ShuU: I prepared myself for the future.
Яyo: Making the best album.

DT: What are your plans for the rest of 2014?
Satoshi: I wanna have as many gigs as we can to celebrate our 10th anniversary year.

DT: You have a huge tour and you also come back to Germany for a few shows. Are you looking forward to this concerts?
Satoshi: Yes, I’m really looking forward to going on a tour because we haven’t been doing this lately. When we had the huge earthquake in Japan 3 years ago, so many our European fans donated money and we really want to convey our sincere thanks to them by playing music.
Яyo: I’m shaking cause I can’t wait!

DT: Your fans want to surprise you with a present! How could they surprise you and about what would you be the most happiest? Please tell us three things for each member that would make you happy.
Satoshi: Good food, regional goodies, Anime goods
Nii: Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol
ShuU: Tobacco, Girlfriend, Boyfriend
Яyo: Alcohol and Smile on everyone’s face

DT: Unfortunately, we already reached the last question of our interview. Please finish this sentence for us: „Every year…“
Nii: Every year I want to stay healthy!! And I want to go travelling every year!!
Яyo: Every year I want to go to the sea!! 


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♥Happy 10th Anniversary♥

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Happy Valentine Day :D ~ 

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Chronicles of a Sleepy Shuu 

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